June 21, 2013
Really liking this new color format, it just takes a long time. This post took me 8 hours. still learning, and improving though. Stick around.

Art Lessons

June 11, 2013
I had the luxury of sitting down with an artist who showed me some color and shading techniques which i practiced in this update. i like the results and will probably become faster as i progress so hopefully the next update will not take me so long to post. but even if it does, the wait its worth it. 


May 26, 2013
someone asked for a comment section, so i'm trying Disqus out to see how it works, when i find one i like i'll put it up on back pages too. also, the archive pages are titled now. so enjoy. 

20 up!

May 26, 2013
I like this part of the story, i think you will too. sorry for the cliffhanger last week, but the story works better if i tell it this way.

Growth, in so many ways

May 19, 2013
And then there were 19!  Number 19  is posted, and the story is starting to move now. my drawing is improving, and the story telling improves with each page, 

but best of all my readership has expanded, analytics reports at least four people are returning visitors

Double post

May 5, 2013
double post trying to catch up wit h the3 story in my head. also no more color. i'm not too good at it yet and it is what keeps slowing me down. anyhow, now were getting into the real story. 

New Year

February 2, 2013
one of my resolutions is to get a post up once a week, but this is February and i'm just getting up one..... well, always next week. ...


October 13, 2012
Color! i've added color to the first page of the orientation sequence, the second page is much larger and is of to a good start. keep checking back. thanks. 

labors rewards

October 2, 2012
the orientation scene will run for a couple strips, then we'll move to the actual story. in the meantime this is an exterior view of the station as if it were completed.

Were Back!

August 19, 2012
Took much longer than i wanted, but were back. the new scanner allows me to draw them by hand and scan in then edit on my computer instead of just drawing it in the computer, it's just a little faster, and the quality is better.  hopefully it will prove to have been worth the wait. 
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